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Edmonton Kyokushin Karate Club is proud to be a registered partner and provider of sport programs for children through Jumpstart.

Removing Financial Barriers

Sometimes, families need financial assistance to get their kids into a sport or physical activity. We're committed to helping all families access a range of activities, from boxing to bowling and skating to skiing, and more.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on the global economy and in response, Jumpstart has expanded our eligibility requirements to include families who receive the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB).

Eligible Families

To be eligible for funding for one or more children, families must first meet specific financial criteria as per Revenue Canada’s Low-Income Cut-Offs (LICO) chart or are receiving the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB).

Other Funding Requirements

  • Children must fall between the ages of 4 - 18 years old. 
  • Funding is allocated to sustained programs that involve a sport or physical activity. 
  • Programs should be a minimum of five weeks in duration and include at least one session per week. In the case of sports camps, the program must last at least five consecutive days for consideration.

Funding Details

  • Applications must be submitted prior to the program's start date
  • Applications must include proof of financial need. A clear, legible and current copy of anyone of the following will suffice as proof of need:
    • Income assessment
    • Canada Revenue Agency Notice of Assessment showing Line 150 – Total Gross Income
    • Most recent, three consecutive pay stubs
    • Canadian Child Benefit (CCB) Statement
    • Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB)
  •  Funding is up to $300 per activity, subject to Chapter discretion and/or local demands. 
  • Children can be funded for successive seasons in an activity, up to a maximum of $300 per activity 
  • The annual maximum amount a child is eligible to receive is up to $600, subject to Chapter discretion and/or local demands. 
  • Cheques are made payable to the service organization, identified as the “payee” in the application. A payee can be a local hockey association, gymnastics club, etc. that coordinates the sports or physical activity on behalf of the qualifying youth/child. 
  • All approvals will be determined by the local Jumpstart Chapter and designated Canadian Tire Jumpstart Regional Manager, and are subject to local demands and Chapter budgets.

 Funding Timelines

The Individual Child grant application opens in January and closes when the funds have been depleted for the year.