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What to Expect

Kyokushin Karate workout is a little different from a regular gym routine - running on the treadmill or lifting weights which can get pretty monotonous. So, if you are hoping for a bit of a change in your training routine and a way to spice up your workouts you will not be disappointed. Our classes provide a great way to not only to get in shape but also to learn how to really push yourself and test your limits in the process. Below five things your can expect.

1. You Don’t need fancy equipment

Stressing about not having a uniform or where to get, it is not something that should preoccupy your mind with before your first class. Show up in your favorite training clothes that are comfortable and breathable. Shorts and T-Shirt is good enough, no shoes or socks. If you do have a uniform, wearing it to the class is fine. Lastly do not forget your water bottle. At some point when you decide that this is something you would like to pursue; we sell all the necessary equipment including uniforms at our dojo.

2. It’s important to show up with an open mind

We all have different preconceptions when it comes to martial arts and what comes with it, different expectations and goals. You should park all that at the door, take the blinders off, relax and enjoy the class. Listen and learn what the instructor has to teach you. In time as your understanding of Kyokushin Karate grows deeper you will find that your preconceptions will change.

3. You will work hard

You will find that in martial arts you body will be asked to work in ways it has not worked before in past, which in time will contribute to an overall boost in strength, cardio and dexterity. Depending on type of class and how approach it, you can burn up to 1500 calories in an hour at times even without even hitting the bag. Just by focusing on and taking in all the details and techniques you are learning will district your mind form how hard you are actually working. However, if you need to take a break during class, we would strongly encourage you to do so as getting fit is not an event but a gradual process so initially you will need to pace yourself. It is not a shame to know when to stop to allow your body to recover so you can jump back in. You will not be judged nor be looked down on.

4. You’ll get more out of it than just sore shoulders

Having a touch time handling stress? Do you have hard time controlling our breath during workout? These are just few of the issues you can expect to tackle in martial arts class. In other words, you can expect to learn some unexpected lessons during our classes.

5. Expect to become a part of community not just a gym.

One of the most important aspects of our club is the sense of community that have developed within our dojo. The comradery between students and the instructors is key. We are all there to help one another, better ourselves and make lasting relationships while following the way budo to enhance our everyday lives. Apart from our regular training our club has numerous functions through the year that allow everyone to socialize and get to know each other better. While our club is over 100 members strong, the International Kyokushin Organization has over 10 million members around the world. So we all are one big family!